Beijing University Female Graduate Student Complains about Boyfriend's Dark Thoughts of Cursing Her Family to Death

In recent news, a female graduate student from Beijing University has come forward with shocking allegations against her boyfriend, a PhD student at the School of Life Sciences. The young woman, identified only as W, revealed that her boyfriend has been secretly harboring dark thoughts of cursing her family to death. According to the victim, W, her boyfriend's mind has been filled with disturbing thoughts of ill-wishing her loved ones, including her parents and siblings. The revelation has sparked outrage and concern among the academic community, as well as the general public. Many are questioning the mental state of the PhD student and whether he poses a threat to those around him. The University has issued a statement expressing their commitment to investigating the matter and ensuring the safety and well-being of all students on campus. The female graduate student has urged others in similar situations to speak out and seek help if they feel threatened or unsafe. This alarming incident serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support services for students, particularly in high-pressure academic environments. The wellbeing of individuals should always be a top priority, and any signs of distress or harm should be taken seriously and addressed promptly. As this story unfolds, the truth behind the dark thoughts of the PhD student and the impact on his relationship with the female graduate student remains to be seen.